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Lafemme's soulful house, old-school, international pop and "grown and sexy" club mixes -- sometimes all in one set -- and the chic international and mixed crowds she attracts have turned Lafemme into the jet set's underground It Girl. From Chicago to Detroit, from Miami to Moscow, LaFemme is the buzz.

What started out as a hobby for her Russian community in suburban Detroit and her club-kid friends in the city's 1990's underground house music scene has emerged as a full-fledged career as a DJ, and one whose parties no longer own any singular, homogenous niche, but several mixed together -- often all at the same event. Gay, straight, black, white, young, mature, American, European, Middle-Eastern -- when LaFemme headlines an event, you know you're going to get the right kind of mix, from the dancefloor to the turntables.

"I don't consider myself a deejay who just stands back there staring at my prepared set lists, playing music, obsessed with being the first to play this mix or showing how deft I am on the boards" says Lafemme. "To me, it's not even about me, it's about the crowds and where I think they're going, musically. I may be standing back there but my eyes and ears are in the crowd, from the dancefloor to the farthest banquettes. Music is so important -- it sets the vibe, it can change a whole evening. It can make you happy or sad, confident, sexy, it can keep you up until 2 a.m. on a school night when you promised yourself you'd just stay for one drink. It's my job to navigate the party, to give people a chance to live a little fantasy for a few hours. More than a deejay, I like to think I'm more of a creative director for parties."

Sounds like a party! Check out "Upcoming Events" for future LaFemme parties or shows featuring LaFemme near you. For a more detailed biography of Lafemme, click here.

For a more detailed biography click here.

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